EC Access/Lodging

What are my options for lodging at EC?

There are various hotels, inns and guest houses available in Ogi and further afield on Sado Island. Alternatively, you can camp at Sobama Campground, which is only 15 mins. away by shuttle bus. During EC, there will be shuttle buses to and from Sobama and charter buses running between Ogi and Ryotsu and Aikawa.

Please see Lodging for further details.

What options are there for transport around the island?

On Sado Island, there are local bus services and sightseeing taxis. During EC, there will be EC shuttle buses running in addition to local bus services. Of course, it’s easy to get around if you bring a car or bicycle, or rent one on the Island. Please note that this period is extremely busy in Japan, due to summer holidays and public holidays, so we recommend booking your seats/car space on the ferry to Sado Island and make sure your reserve any rental vehicles well in advance.

Please refer to Transport on Sado Island  for further details.