Harbour Market is a lively marketplace that pops up for three days during EC. Add to the excitement with your own stall and enjoy new encounters and exchange with sea views and good vibes.

Applications have now closed for 2019. Thank you very much to all the applicants! We will contact everyone by July 11 (Thu) with the selection results.

Dates / Times

Aug. 16 (Fri)–18 (Sun) 10: 00–23:00


Ogi Port Park

Application Period

May 1 (Wed)–May 31 (Fri)

How to Apply

Applications have now closed for 2019. Thank you very much to all the applicants! We will contact everyone by July 11 (Thu) with the selection results.


Earth Celebration Committee (Ami Akimoto)

Kodo Cultural Foundation, 148-1 Ogi Kanetashinden, Sado, Niigata 952-0611, Japan
Tel. +81-259-81-4100 (Mon–Fri, 9:30–17:00 [JST])Fax. 0259-86-3631 Email:

Application Guidelines

EC Sado Challenge Shops

We are looking for stall holders who would like to open a store (café, restaurant, retail, etc.) on Sado Island in the future. Stall holders in this category are eligible for half-priced stall fees. If you’re an entrepreneur hoping to launch a business on Sado, here’s a chance to try it out at EC!

*To apply for a “EC Sado Challenge Shop” space, on your application form under “Desired Stall Type” (希望するタイプ), please tick both your “Stall Type” (出店タイプ) and “EC Sado Challenge Shop” (EC佐渡チャレンジショップ枠). All Challenge Shop applicants are required to submit a resumé, too.

*The number of “EC Sado Challenge Shop” spaces is limited. After the selection process, stall holders will be notified whether they were selected for this special category or not.

General Information for Stall Holders

Parking Management Fee

3,500 yen/per vehicle

Load-in Date/Time

Parking permits will be provided to all stall holders.
Valid: Aug. 15 (Thu) 13:00–18:00 and Aug. 16 (Fri)–20 (Sun) 9:00–23:00
EC uses Parking Management Fees to arrange parking lot attendants.

Trucks, microbuses, and other larger-sized vehicles are subject to additional fees. Please inquire for details.

Stall Holder Standards and Selection Process

Please detail the highlights and characteristics of your stall in the “My Stall’s Appeal” section (アピール欄) of your application form. The EC Festival Director will make the final decision about stall selection in the case of similar or conflicting applications.

Harbour Market usually features stalls offering food, drink, and goods similar to those listed below.

(1) Food and Drink Stalls

• Offering dishes that include produce from Sado Island.
• Offering traditional local (Sado Island) dishes or run by shops/restaurants on Sado Island.
• Run by people who hope or plan to open a restaurant/cafe on Sado in the future (EC Sado Challenge Shop)
• Offering dishes made with trusted ingredients such as organic produce or produce grown by known or local farmers
• Offering ethnic cuisine from around the world

(2) Merchandise Stalls

• Offering handcrafts or similar made on Sado
• Offering products manufactured on Sado
• Run by people who hope or plan to open a retail store on Sado in the future (EC Sado Challenge Shop)
• Offering products made by the stall holder
• Offering handmade or homemade/grown items, or craft items made using traditional techniques.
• Offering organic or fair trade products
• Offering outdoor products
• Musical instruments, clothing, and accessories from around the world
• Run by people who can provide workshops to customers in addition to selling items such as those above.

The following types of stall are strictly prohibited:

(1) Stalls selling or handling products that may disturb or harm public order or morality.

(2) Stalls selling or handling counterfeit goods (selling another person’s products as your own or creating fake or altered products) or copied goods (infringing upon copyrights or registered product designs).

(3) Stalls with unpaid fees from previous years.

Please Note

• The organizer will make the final decision as to whether a food/drink stall is Type A or B. Please be sure to include your menu on your application form.
• Electrical power is limited at Ogi Port Park. Merchandise stalls may only use light bulbs (up to 100W). Food and drink stalls may use 500–1000W. Heater lamps, microwave ovens, and electric rice cookers are not permitted.
• Light bulbs, extension cables, tents, tables, and other necessary items must be provided by each stall holder.
• Food and drink stalls require permits from the Sado Health Center in order to operate. Further details will be provided separately to applicants in this category.
• The Market may be canceled at the organizer’s discretion if changes in the weather or natural surroundings pose a risk to festivalgoers.
• This year, the Fringe stage will be at Kisaki Shrine (not Harbour Market).

Stall Holder Selection Results

Applicants will receive notification by July 11 (Thu) of selection results. Spaces are limited, so please note that not all applicants can be accommodated. We appreciate your understanding.