Required Reading–Code of Conduct

Earth Celebration (EC) is made possible thanks to the cooperation and understanding of countless people in the local community. We want to make sure everyone can enjoy a comfortable, accident-free festival, so please follow the guidelines outlined below to help us achieve that goal.


  • The consumption of alcohol and tobacco by minors is forbidden by law, as is the consumption of alcohol by anyone operating a motor vehicle. The possession of illegal substances is not tolerated at EC. Also, please refrain from illegal parking.
  • Please refrain from playing drums and other instruments late at night in Harbour Market, campgrounds, and in parks and public spaces around town. Please avoid having large parties in public spaces, drinking in excess, and engaging in any activity that might otherwise disturb those around you. At Harbour Market Concerts, you and your party may be asked to leave the venue if your behavior becomes disruptive to others.
  • Please understand that the EC Committee cannot be held responsible for any accidents, damage to property, or theft that occurs at any of the EC event sites. Please look after your personal belongings and always keep valuables with you.
  • Please understand that the number of trash receptacles at the EC venues and other EC events is limited. We ask that you properly dispose of all trash, and separate burnable, non-burnable and recyclable trash.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.