Audience Areas & Venue Entry Info

What is an “audience area”?

In previous years, people who wanted to sit near the stage to watch the concerts experienced long queuing periods. To help decrease wait times, this year we have divided the audience area into two sections: “Area S” (front) and “Area A” (back), with different ticketing price respectively. If you wish to sit in the area near the stage, please purchase Area S tickets.


Do we enter the venue in any particular order?

The audience will enter the venue in numerical order, according to the number printed on each ticket. The numbers will be allocated in order of purchase.

What is the procedure for entering the venue in order?

Access to the audience area will be provided from Area S ticket holders, in numerical order. Customers will be asked to meet at the concert venue entrance at the designated times listed below according to your ticket number, where they will line up in numerical order. All single concert tickets and 3-day passes will be numbered separately, starting from 1, so people will line up in numerical order with people holding the same ticket type.

Area A ticket holders will be asked to meet at the concert venue entrance and enter in the same manner after the Area S ticket holders have entered.

■Meeting times:

[Area S]

17:30   No. 1 – 200

[Area A]

17:45   No. 201 – 300

18:00   No. 301 – 400

18:15   No. 401 and above



Where can I buy tickets for EC?

All ticket types (Area S/Area A tickets/3-day passes) can be purchased online via the Kodo Ticket Reservation Site or from Kodo Ticket Service by telephone. However, please note that all other ticket outlets will only sell Area A tickets.

*Note: The numbering on the tickets will be different depending on the ticket outlet where the tickets are purchased.