Hello Japan Sea Cinema

Up on the hill at Shiroyama Park, there will be an outdoor cinema this year during EC. Come and lie on the lawn under the stars and enjoy a film or two on the big screen.

The lineup features a selection of over ten films, with themes ranging from “Diversity, Harmony, and International Understanding” to “Classics, traditions, and the near future.” Along with the films, enjoy the opportunity to listen to talks by directors of films shot here on Sado Island. As part of Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival 2019, you’re also invited to experience a free-admission interactive digital installation at Shiroyama Park: “cosmos.” The beautiful lights will guide to into a truly unique realm in this vast, natural amphitheatre. 

Hello Japan Sea Cinema Official Site


Aug. 16 (Fri)–18 (Sun)

Venue Opens: 18:00

Pre-Film Talks: 19:00–19:25

Screenings Start: 19:30 onwards (Screen A and Screen B)

Screenings End/Venue Closes: 22:30


[Media Art Area] Free admission
Located near the hilltop entrance to Shiroyama Park

[Screen 1 Area] Tickets required

[Screen 2 Area] Tickets required

*Ages 15 and under receive free admission but must be accompanied by a paying parent/guardian


[One-evening ticket] 1,500 yen*

(After 21:00 admission 1,000 yen) 


[3-evening pass] 3,000 yen*
*Ages 15 and under receive free admission but must be accompanied by a paying parent/guardian
Tickets available during EC at Sado City PR Booth at Harbour Market (10:00-1700) and at Shiroyama Park from 18:00 onwards. Also available online (Japanese only).

Aug. 16 (Fri) Schedule

18:00 Interactive Digital Installation “cosmos”

19:00– Pre-film talk with Seiji Aburatani, director of “Fly, Dakota Fly!,” et al.


19:20–21:10 Film “Fly, Dakota Fly!” (109 mins)

21:10–21:20 Pre-film talk with Ryuichi Tsunoda, director of “Indelible,” et al.

21:20–22:35 Film “Indelible” (72 mins)


19:20–21:03 Film “Brass on Fire” (103 mins)

21:050–22:30 Film “Staff Benda Bilili” (85 mins)

Aug. 17 (Sat) Schedule


19:30–21:05 Film “SADO TEMPEST” (94 mins)

21:10–22:22 Film “Bonfire at Dawn” (72 mins)


19:30–21:23 Film “Kubo and the Two Strings” (Japanese dubbed)

21:25–22:55 Short Film “Noh” (Japanese version)

22:00–22:30 Short Film “Noh Drama” (English version)

Aug. 18 (Sun) Schedule

18:00 Interactive Digital Installation “cosmos”

19:00– Pre-film talk with Tetsuya Tomina, director of “Blue Wind Blows*” et al. 
*Shot entirely on Sado Island.

Note: “Blue Wind Blows” will not be screened.


19:30–21:11 Film “Isle of Dogs” (101 mins)

21:15–21:38 Film “Harmonica Taiyo” (83 mins)


19:30–20:17 Short Film “Nishikan” (47 mins)

20:20–22:35 Film “Bohemian Rhapsody” (135 mins)

Transport Options

Area Passport

There are “Area Passport” deals for cinema tickets with transport passes you can use on Sado Island and in Niigata City from 9,800 yen.

*Details and online ticket orders available in Japanese only.

*Tickets available from Kinki Nihon Tourist (KNT) website (Japanese only): https://meito.knt.co.jp/0/tr/2434707/     

EC Charter Buses

 ■EC Charter buses bound for Ryotsu Port, Aikawa, and Sobama will be departing after the films have concluded.  These services are an easy way to travel back to many lodging areas on Sado.

Dates: Aug. 16 (Fri)–18 (Sun)


(1) Dep. Ogi 23:00 → Arr. Ryotsu Port 24:00 (Minami Line only via Hatano & Niibo)

(2) Dep. Ogi 23:00 Arr. Aikawa 24:00

(3) Dep. Ogi 23:00 Arr. Sobama 23:15

*(1) If required, you can travel further from Ryotsu Port at 24:00 Honsen (Main) Line (via Kanai/Sawata) Arr. Sawata Bus Center 24:40


EC Charter Bus Reservations (Niigata Kotsu Sado Sightseeing Dept.)

Tel. 0259-57-5131 (9:0017:30)

Clothing/Things to Bring:
  • The nights on Sado can get quite cool, even in summer. Please bring warm clothing.
  • Shiroyama Park is located on a hill, up a steep path. Please wear comfortable shoes and avoid wearing high heels. The path leading into the venue will be dark at night and it may be difficult to see your footing.
  • The films will be screened completely outdoors, surrounded by nature. There are mosquitos and other insects during the summer months, so we recommend bringing long-sleeved clothing and trousers, as well as an insect repellant. 
Important Notes:

Allowed Items and Prohibited ItemsWhat you can bring with you into the venue:

  • You can bring food and drinks into the venue with you drinks (A simple food and drink stall will be operating on site.is planned to be set up)
  • Fireworks, flammable items, dangerous goods, and any illegal items are prohibited.
  • Please take your home all of your trash home with you and dispose of it there. 
  • Attendees may be filmed or photographed by the press or official photographers covering the event.
  • If you are found causing trouble or inconvenience to others, staff may ask you to leave the venue.
  • You may be asked to show proof-of-age ID to purchase alcohol (legal age is 20) or attend films showing past 22:00.
  • When you exit the venue, the pathway is a steep slope. Please drink responsibly to avoid stumbling or other accidents. Also, remember that it is illegal in Japan for drivers to consume any alcohol.

■Regarding Tickets

  • Tickets can not be cancelled or changed after purchases. Films and programmes are subject to change or cancellation. Refunds will not be available if there are changes in programming.

■ Regarding Wet or Stormy Weather

  • This event has been created to be enjoyed by experiencing the full sense of nature, hence the event will proceed rain or shine. Please note that umbrellas can only be used in the back to avoid obstructing the view of people behind you.
  • In the unfortunate event of the presenter deeming the weather conditions dangerous for the audience, an event or film may be stopped or cancelled. In such events, an announcement will be made on EC’s official social media accounts.
  • If an event is canceled, you can claim a refund of the ticket price.
  • Please note that refunds will incur a 500 yen handling fee if: (1) tickets were purchased by credit card or (2) purchased via an ATM payment or at a convenience store.
  • For the 3-evening pass, the canceled portion of the purchase price will be refunded.

Japan Sea Travel Tourist Route Project Committee


“Resounding Island–Sado” Project Info Center
Tel. 050-5305-5135 (Mon–Fri 10:00–17:00 until Aug. 31)

Hours during EC:
Open 10:00–19:00 from Aug. 16 (Fri) through Aug. 18 (Sun).