Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival

The present connects the past and future. So do the arts. This project aims to position Sado Island as a global hub for arts and culture. In 2019, we have another eclectic lineup: SADOMMUNE, Bon Dance Art Project, and new activities including Sado Art Tour and Cosmo Interactive Game Project.
The organizing committee is gearing up for the festival’s official launch in 2021.

Events Held

Aug. 10 (Sat)–mid September (TBC)


Ryotsu Port area


Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival Organizing Committee http://sado-art.com/


“Resounding Island–Sado” Project Info Center
Tel. 050-5305-5135 (Mon–Fri 10:00–17:00 until Aug. 31)

Hours during EC:
Open 10:00–19:00 from Aug. 16 (Fri) through Aug. 18 (Sun).